10 Tech Tips that you can use every day.

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Technology has been a necessary part of people’s life today. In this article we will provide you 10 Tech tips that you can use every day. These tips might help you improve your daily task and allow you to do more in that specific time at work or school.

List of tech tips for your everyday life:

  1. Cropped Screenshots
  2. Reopen Closed Chrome Tabs
  3. Remove Image Background Easily
  4. Speech to Text using Google Docs
  5. Make your PC Faster
  6. Faster way to Find a word on a website or article
  7. Recover Forgotten Wifi Password
  8. Get a Free Antivirus Software
  9. Unsend Emails
  10. Create Cool Presentation Templates

1. Cropped Screen Shots

In windows PC screen shutting the whole screen is easy by pressing only two button the windows + PrtSc Button located in F11. But do you know how to screenshot only selected parts of your screen? To do these proceeds in the windows search in the taskbar and search for “SNIPPING TOOL” this tool will allow you to select a certain area of the screen that you want to screenshot.

2. How to reopen Accidentally closed Chrome Tabs

Many people now a days specially working at home during this quarantine gets bored at their work from home setup and accidentally closed the chrome tabs that they are working on. To resolve this matter Google chrome has added more features in their browsers that allow us not to panic in this dire situation. To reopen recently closed tabs open chrome and combine the following shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + T  if you are still unable to open your recently closed tabs you can go to history and in there find the last chrome tabs that you have opened and combine Ctrl + Y.

3. Remove Background Image Easily

As more and more transactions are done online due to the pandemic it is very important that you have a basic knowledge on how to easily remove backgrounds on certain images. This tech tips will not require you to know intensive knowledge about Photoshop. In fact this is faster and more time efficient.

Step 1: Prepare the Image that you want to remove the background.

Step 2: Visit REMOVE.BG official website.

Step 3: Drag the image that you want to automatically remove the background.

Step 4: Download the new image with clear background by right clicking on the image and select “OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB”. Then an image will automatically download in your download folder and that is the new image with PNG background.

Remove BG

4. Speech to Text using Google Docs

Are you in a meeting or in class and having hard time understanding a lesson or making a minutes meeting? Worry no more as this tech tips can easily solve that very big problem. Introducing SPEECH TO TEXT BY GOOGLE DOCS now all you need to do to start auto typing all the voice in your room is to open GOOGLE DOCS then select the black page and go to TOOLS then select VOICE TYPING or you can press Ctrl + Shift + S and allow Google docs to access the built-in microphone in your windows PC.

5. Make your PC Faster

Having trouble when using your PC? Very slow and delayed response? Worry no more as here are the top 3 list on how you can make your PC faster.

  1. Press WINDOWS + R then search for %temp% and ENTER after doing so you will be redirected to a folder full of temp files from pas usage of the device. You can then press Ctrl + A to select all then press delete. After this restart your computer and you can now have a slightly faster device.
windows temp

2. Disable standard background apps that you are not using every day. Go to windows search in the task bar and search for “BACKGROUND APPS” then click the button to turn off all the default background apps that are not very useful.

background apps

3. And the last one is to optimize your SSD drive or hard drive you can do this by opening “THIS PC” or and after you see all the available storage right click and go to “Properties” then click on the DISK CLEANUP button located in the middle right corner. After that click ok and the device will start cleaning the additional trash files within the drive.

4. Bonus tip: You can also make you PC faster by defragmenting your hard drive or SSD, To do so you can go to “THIS PC” right click on the selected storage click on “TOOLS” and select the second option stating “OPTIMIZE and DEFRAGMENT DRIVE” then click the optimize button. A new window will then pops up and ask you to select a drive that you want to optimize. But you can also click all the available drive and click “OPTIMIZE ALL” and wait for the optimization to finish. After doing all the optimization rest assured that your PC will perform better.


6. Faster way to Find a word on a website or article

Wanting to find a specific topic or word on a very wordy article. Scanning and reading it one by one can take you hours and a very big waste of time. To find the specific words and sentences you can use this tech tips to make your life easier. First proceed to the website or article then press Crtl + F a search bar on the upper right corner will then pop up and then type all the words and sentence that you want to search on that specific website or article.

7. Recover Forgotten Wifi Password

Have you ever connected to your modem in a long time and started to forget the WIFI Password? Worry not more as in this tech tips we will teach you 2 ways on how to recover your forgotten WIFI Password.


First tip: press WINDOWS + R then type ncpa.cpl and ENTER. After doing so a window will pop-up providing you all the network connections double click the selected WIFI network connection and a another window will pop-up and click the button in the lower right corner “WIRELESS PROPERTIES” then click the security tab and check the show character and the WIFI Password where you are connected is going to show.


Second tip: If you are not in any way connected in the network and you forget the password you can surely use this method. This method is only available for windows users.

Step 1:  WINDOWS + R and type CMD a terminal will then prompt like this.


Step 2: Type this in the terminal “netsh wlan show profile” then a group of SSID name will show.


Step 3: Select the SSID name that you want the password to recover. Enter this in the CMD terminal “netsh wlan show profile (SSID Name) key=clear”. After doing this command the full details of the selected WIFI network will pop up including the password. You can now find the password in the Key Content below.

8. Get a Free Antivirus Software

One of the main reasons for slow and delay PC is the VIRUSES and unwanted background apps that are lurking within our device. To solve this problem you can get an antivirus provider but let’s be honest most of them are very expensive and not great in removing malicious software’s and cleaning our devices. In this tech tip we will teach you how to download free and fast antivirus software for your WINDOWS PC.

Step 1: Visit 360 Total Security Official Website.

Step 2: Click the button stating free download then an exe file will download and wait for it to finish.

Step 3: Install the downloaded exe file. After the installation your device is now running a free and fast antivirus software this can help you prevent on getting more viruses in the future and can protect you when browsing online.

9. Unsend Emails

Using emails every day for work? Maybe some of us but not all have already sent wrong emails to several people but in the tech tip we will help you unsend emails that are wrongfully sent to other people. This tip is only applicable for gmail users.

Step 1: Open your GMAIL and proceed to settings and find “UNDO SEND option” and set the time that you want to undo an already sent email. After setting the time you can now undo emails on certain times so that if you have a typo error or send the wrong email to the wrong person you can easily undo any emails.

10. Create Cool Presentation Templates

Having a hard time designing your school and office presentations? You can create cool and pre designed templates using CANVA this website provides thousands of pre designed contents that you can use for your office and school presentations. Just signup and create a free account and feel free to upgrade if you like their service.

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