Fiber Plan Upgrades, PLDT Home vs Converge

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As the pandemic remains the urge of having a reliable and fast internet connection increases since majority is now transitioning to work from home, home schooling and many more activities that are undeniably had transitioned to home based set-ups. Gladly, PLDT Home and Converge recently introduced their new upgraded plans.  These two ISPs (Internet Server providers) presently offer plans that are three times faster compared to their previous plans. Listed below is the comparison between PLDT Home and Converge fiber plan upgrades.

PLDT Home vs Converge
Unli Fibr Plan 1699-unlimited calls to any PLDT ladline50 Mbps (before 35Mbps)FiberX Plan 1500FiberX Plan XTRA1500(add 99 pesos)50 Mbps (before 35Mbps)60 Mbps (before 45Mbps)
Unli Fibr Plan 2099–unlimited calls to any PLDT ladline100 Mbps (before 50Mbps)FiberX Time of Day Plan 2000 (previously Day Plan 1899)-200/100 Mbps Day Plan (before 70/35 Mbps)-100/200 Mbps Night Plan (before 35/70 Mbps)
Unli Fibr Plan 2699–unlimited calls to any PLDT ladline300 Mbps (before 100Mbps)FiberX 2500300 Mbps (before 100 Mbps)
Unli Fibr Plan 3799–unlimited calls to any PLDT ladline600 Mbps (before 200Mbps)FiberX Time of Day Plan 3000 (previously Day Plan 2799)-600/300 Mbps Day Plan (before 200/100Mbps)-300/600 Mbps Night Plan
Unli Fibr Plan 5799–unlimited calls to any PLDT ladline800 Mbps (before 600 Mbps)FiberX 3500800 Mbps (before 200 Mbps)

PLDT Home Unli Fibr Plan starts at 1,699/month with 50Mbps (before 35Mbps) and unlimited call to any PLDT landline compared to Converge FiberX Plan at 1,500/month with 50 Mbps (from 35Mbps).

Subscribers who previously availed the FiberX Plan 1500 has an option to upgrade their plan to FiberX Plan XTRA 1500 they just have to add 99 pesos to get an extra 10Mbps speed. Compared to PLDT Home Unli Fiber Plan 1699 FiberX Plan XTRA is 100 pesos cheaper.

At the same time, PLDT offers the Unli Fibr Plan 2099 with 100 Mbps (before 50Mbps) and unlimited calls to any PLDT landline.Converge has the FiberX Time of Day Plan 2000 (before Day Plan 1899) with 200/100Mbps Day plan (before 70/35 Mbps) and 100/200 Mbps Night Plan (before 35/70 Mbps).

For Plans with up to 300 Mbps, PLDT Home has Unli Fibr Plan 2699 (before up to 100 Mbps only) with unlimited call to any PLDT landline and Converge has FiberX 2500 (before up to 100 MBps only).

Aside from Converge’s FiberX Time of Day Plan 1500 they also have FiberX Time of Day Plan 3000 (before Day Plan 2799) with 600/300 Mbps Day Plan (before 200/100 Mbps) and 300/600 Mbps Night Plan to match Converge’s 600 Mbps PLDT also offers Unli Fibr Plan 3799 (before 200 Mbps) that comes with unlimited calls to any PLDT landline.

Moreover, PLDT Home offers the Unli Fibr Plan 5799 with 800 Mbps (before 600 Mbps) and unlimited calls to any PLDT landline while Converge offers FiberX 3500 with 800 Mbps which is four time faster than before (from 200 Mbps).

Luckily, both PLDT Home and Converge plan upgrade are available to new and existing customers.

To summarize Converge FiberX plans are cheaper compared to PLDT Home Unli Fibr plans however PLDT Home Unli Fibr Plans already comes with unlimited calls to any PLDT landline so the extra amount are reasonable.

You can check their official websites to know more about their plans