How to Use and Unlock G-Credit in Gcash

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G-Credit is a Gcash feature that serves like a flexible loan or credit card. This feature accords lending grant to an eligible verified Gcash user with a set limit of money readily available whenever they want. Eligible users can use the limit money as an alternative source of payment through Gcash App QR Payment feature.

GCredit can be used with these options Bank transfers, Send money, Pay bills, Invest Money, Book Movies, Shop Online, Buy in store with over 63,000 GCash merchants nationwide and Cash Out/ Withdraw as cash (If you have sizeable GCash balance). To, use Gcredit in these options you can simply select GCredit as your preferred payment option.

Unlock G-Credit in Gcash

Using GCredit is acceptable in any merchants that support QR payments like SM, Puregold, Robinsons and more. It is also accepted by numerous billers such as PLDT, Smart Communications, Globe, Meralco, Maynilad, Skycable, BDO Visa/ MasterCArd, SSS and many more. You can also check other partner stores at

How to Get Access to GCredit?

To get access to GCredit verified users should increase their Gscore to unlock their credit line through frequent transaction with Gcash including Cash In, Pay Bills, Send Money, Buy Load and other GCAsh transactions.

Moreover, your credit limit will be determined by your GScore; the higher your GScore the higher your credit limit. Make sure to pay your bills on time to increase your Gscore even more.

Steps to apply for GCredit:

  • Fully Verified GCAsh account
  • Have reached certain GScore
  1. Open GCash and tap “Show More”.
  2. Scroll down, under the Financial Services, select “Manage Credit”.
  3. GCash will ask for your email confirmation and click Next.
  4. Next, review the personal information you submitted when you signed in for GCash. Tap
  5. You also need to input your other personal details. Then, click
  6. At last, you need to review all the information you’ve submitted and check the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Boxes. Then, click Submit.
  7. If the steps are followed and correctly done, a message saying that your GCredit Application was successful should be visible. You will also get a message and email from GCash along with your total credit limit and the interest rate.

How to Compute GCredit Interest?

For average users who have just unlocked GCredit, GCash initially offers 10,000 pesos credit limit with 5% interest rate but If you pay your bills earlier, you can get lower interest rates.

For the interest computation, it’s the amount borrowed x 5% interest rate x (# of Days Borrowed/ 30 Days).


You borrowed P1500 today and pay it in 10 days. Your interest will only be P25. To settle your credit balance, you’ll have to pay is P1525.

P1500 x 5% x 10/30 = P25 (interest)

Borrowed amount —   P1500

Interest —————-     +   25



If you pay the loan back in 30 days, the total amount to be paid to settle your balance is P1575.

P 1500 x 5% x 30/30 = P75 (interest)

Borrowed amount —   P1500

Interest —————–    +   75




How to pay GCredit?

For instance, you have P10000 GCredit. You used P1500 to pay for your meal today. If you paid it back after three days together with the interest then your credit returns to P10000, and you can use your maximum limit again even before your due date.

To pay for your GCredit, you need to have sufficient Gcash balance. Then, select “Manage Credit” tab. Next, tap “Pay for Credit”.

To have enough Gcash balance you can cash-in through e-wallets, banks, over-the-counter and more.


As GCredit functions like a flexible loan it made borrowing money accessible and easier. They just have to be responsible enough to pay back their bills on or before the due date and maintain their good credit line to be eligible in borrowing again with an increased credit limit.

GCredit Customer Service

You can call 2882 or visit the GCash Help Center for GCredit related questions or concerns.

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