What Network Tool: A Complete List of Mobile Prefix in the Philippines

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What network detector tool is a tool created to make it easier for Filipinos to know what network provider a certain contact number is registered. As we all know there are a bunch of registered telecom provider in the Philippines namely DITO Telecom, Smart Communications, Globe, Sun Cellular, TM, Talk N Text and many more. As there are a lot of telecom providers in the Philippines it is very difficult for our fellow Filipino’s to determine what network a contact number is registered from. As most of us also know that it is very important that we identify what network a certain contact number is so we can know if our existing subscription from another mobile network is able to connect or compatible with that number and its mobile network provider. Here in the Philippines some of the telecom providers charge a lot of money just to contact a number that is registered in another telecom network. We will provide a complete list below of all the available mobile number prefixes in the Philippines and its telecom providers.

What Network Detector Tool

List of Mobile Number Prefixes

PrefixMobile Network
09173Globe Postpaid
09178Globe Postpaid
09256Globe Postpaid
09175Globe Postpaid
09253Globe Postpaid
09257Globe Postpaid
09176Globe Postpaid
09255Globe Postpaid
09258Globe Postpaid
0922Sun Cellular
0931Sun Cellular
0940Sun Cellular
0973Sun Cellular
0923Sun Cellular
0932Sun Cellular
0941Sun Cellular
0974Sun Cellular
0924Sun Cellular
0933Sun Cellular
0942Sun Cellular
0925Sun Cellular
0934Sun Cellular
0943Sun Cellular
0907Talk 'N Text
0912Talk 'N Text
0946Talk 'N Text
0909Talk 'N Text
0930Talk 'N Text
0948Talk 'N Text
0910Talk 'N Text
0938Talk 'N Text
0950Talk 'N Text
0908Smart Communications
0920Smart Communications
0929Smart Communications
0947Smart Communications
0961Smart Communications
0918Smart Communications
0921Smart Communications
0939Smart Communications
0949Smart Communications
0998Smart Communications
0919Smart Communications
0928Smart Communications
0946Smart Communications
0951Smart Communications
0999Smart Communications
0895Dito Telecommunity
0896Dito Telecommunity
0897Dito Telecommunity
0898Dito Telecommunity
0991Dito Telecommunity
0992Dito Telecommunity
0993Dito Telecommunity
0994Dito Telecommunity

How to use our Network Detector Tool?

  1. Locate the search form above this post.
  2. Enter the first 4 – 5 Digit of the contact number and answer the Google Recaptcha in order to successfully submit the form.
  3. The area where it says “NETWORK PROVIDER:” will show display the mobile network provider that is currently handling this contact number.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the advantages of knowing the network provider of a mobile number?

It allows anyone to easily determine load subscription that they need to avail or purchase in order to save a lot of money for non-compatible load subscriptions.

  1. What is the Mobile Number area code in the Philippines?

The worldwide area code assign in the Philippines is +63. If anyone wants to contact the mobile number within the country they can dial the number starting with 63 or 0 then the 10 – digit mobile number after.

  1. What are the biggest telecommunications companies in the Philippines?

The biggest telecom operators in the Philippines are the following: SMART, GLOBE, TM, TNT, DITO and SUN CELLULAR.

  1. Are Sim Cards in the Philippines 4G Capable?

Yes, nowadays most of the telecom providers in the Philippines offer 4G capable SIM Cards. This allows them to provide improved mobile internet speeds all over the country.

  1. Is the Philippines 5G ready?

Yes, some major cities in the Philippines are already 5G ready with most of the telecom providers racing to become the first to implement the faster and more internet reliable 5G connection.

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